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Jesse Gilbert
A composer, multi-instrumentalist, musicologist, and digital audio specialist. Gilbert is a technician at EDC/Center for Children and Technology in NYC, a non-profit research and development organization that addresses approaches to technology and educational reform. He oversaw the functioning of the sound component of PORT, a seven week festival of online work presented simultaneously on the Internet and in the List Center for the Visual Arts at MIT; ADRIFT (with collaborators Helen Thorington and Marek Walczak), a monthly performance event initiated for the Ars Electronica Festival in 1997. He was co-creator with Nina Sobell of the online Turbulence event EBB and FLOW, in July 1998, and has participated as technical advisor and performer in several transatlantic webcasts, notably as part of the performance group, ParkBench. His works explore the uses of sound in networked collaborations, scavenging of sounds through the publicly licensed radio waves, and guided improvisation.

Shelley Hirsch
Hirsch is a composer/vocalist/story-teller whose work for stage, concert, record, film and radio have been seen and heard internationally. Among her staged musical pieces are the autobiographical multimedia musical, O LITTLE TOWN OF EAST NEW YORK; CELEBRATION OF THE OBVIOUS; and her most recent, "THE PASSIONS OF NATASHA, NANNETTE, NINA and NORMA, a collaboration with visual artist Barbara Bloom. Hirsch has also presented her work at music venues throughout the U.S., including Symphony Space, (New York); LACE (Los Angeles); CCA (Santa Fe); and Telluride Opera House (Colorado); and at dozens of new music festivals in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Hirsch is the recipient of a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Emergent Forms, an NEA New Forms Interarts grant, and commissions from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust (music for theater), NYSCA (electronic music) and three from New Radio and Performing Arts. A radio version of O LITTLE TOWN... produced for New American Radio received the International Prix Futura Award. Hirsch can be heard on over 25 CD's including SINGING, her record of solo and duos; HAIKU LINGO, a duo CD/LP with keyboardist, David Weinstein, who also collaborated on the music for O LITTLE TOWN OF EAST NEW YORK, which will be released as a CD on John Zorn's Label. In 1997, STATES, a compilation of her improvisations was released on the TELLUS CD label.

Brenda Hutchinson
Brenda Hutchinson's work has included performance and compositions for dance, opera, film, video and radio. She has built interactive exhibits and installations. Her work makes extensive use of language, stories, ambient and sampled sounds. She often acts as a catalyst for experiences involving other people whose stories and/or performances are recorded and shared with other audiences through her work in performance and radio. Hutchinson has worked as a video producer, exhibit builder and sound consultant at The Exploratorium in San Francisco, as an engineer and instructor at Harvestworks in New York and as a sound designer for multi media companies, Convivial Design and Purple Moon in San Francisco. Recordings of her work are available through TELLUS, DEEP LISTENING, THE AERIAL, O.O. DISCS and Leonardo Music Magazine.

Pauline Oliveros
Since the 1960's Pauline Oliveros has influenced American Music extensively through her works and with improvisation, electronic music, teaching, myth, ritual, and meditation. She is currently artistic director of Pauline Oliveros Foundation, Darius Milhaud professor at Mills College and professor of composition at Oberlin Conservatory. As John Rockwell, New York Times, states, "On some level, music, sound, consciousness and religion are all one, and she would seem to be very close to that level."

Maggi Payne
Maggi Payne is Co-director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College where she teaches recording engineering, composition and electronic music. She has had performances of her works throughout the United States and Europe, including Sonic Circuits IV Festival of Electronic Music, the Next Wave Festival eXstatic Project in Australia, Prix Ars Electronica, OPUS415 No.3 in San Francisco, ânCue SÄries XVI, Concordia University in Montreal, SoundCulture '96, New Music Across America Festival '92, New Music America '90, '87 and '81 Festivals, Composers' Forum in NYC, Siggraph, New York Museum of Modern Art, Paris Autumn Festival, Bourges Festival in France, and the Autunno Musical at Como, Italy. Her works are available on the Lovely Music, Music and Arts, Centaur, MMC, Frogpeak, and Asphodel labels and the Mills College Anthology.

Jim Pugliese
Jim Pugliese grew up listening to and playing soul music and rhythm and blues. He studied percussion with Raymond Des Roches, and performed and recorded new music with John Cage, Philip Glass, Lukas Foss, Kent Nagano, and Carlos Chavez. He spent twelve years as a member of Dean Drummond's Newband and The Harry Partch Ensemble, studying and performing microtonal music. At the same time he developed an interest in Afro-Cuban music and studied drumming and rhythm with Master Drummer Pablo Landrum. For the last twelve years, he has been improvising and recording with many of downtowns most prominent composer/improvisers. He has performed throughout the United States, Europe and Japan, and his music has been performed at Roulette, The Knitting Factory, Lincoln Center Outdoor Festival and other venues in New York City, and at De Ijsbreker, Apollohuis, Logos, and the Recontre Musicale Bu Jeune Federal Festival in Europe. A 1997 Artist In Residence at Harvestworks in NYC, he recently performed with Philip Glass on the PBS TV show Sessions on 54th Street. In February 1997 Avant released the first cd for his collaborative trio EasSide Percussion with Christine Bard and Michael Evans. He is currently working with his band Soultronix.

Helen Thorington
Thorington is the Executive Director of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. (aka Ether-Ore), founder and producer of the national weekly radio series, "New American Radio" and founder and producer of the "Turbulence" website.  She is a writer, sound composer, and radio producer, whose radio documentary and dramatic work has been aired nationally and internationally for the past fifteen years. She has also created compositions for film and installation that have been shown at the Berlin Film Festival and the Whitney Bienniel.  Her networked collaborations include the "turbulence" composition for PORT, distributed live by Real Audio to the Internet and to the List Center for the Visual Arts, February and March 1997; ADRIFT, a networked collaboration with Marek Walzcak and Jesse Gilbert,  created for the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria in September 1997.

Audio/Internet Engineers

Jesse Gilbert, Morton Street (see above)

David Kwan, Mills College
David Kwan is a composer and artist whose work encompasses performance, video, and installation. His approach to sound production stems from ideas and techniques found in visual art such as collage and film montage, as well as in musique concrete, radio, and seventies dub. He is a member of the musical groups Vorticella and Circular Firing Squad, and recordings of his works are available from the Asphodel, Artifact, and Atomic Novelties labels. He is currently the Technical Director for Intermedia Arts at Mills College in Oakland, California.

Leslie Lavellet, Harvestworks, Inc.
Leslie Lavelanet is a musician and recording artist who is currently Main Audio Engineer at Harvestworks. He has worked on several major film soundtracks with producers Callum Greene, Neil Hollander and Victoria Maldonado. In addition to recording credits, he also teaches the Music Production Workshop and tutorials in Digital Audio Recording at Harvestworks.

Carol Parkinson, Harvestworks, Inc.
Executive Director of Harvestworks since 1987, Carol Parkinson has long been involved in programming and development of the organization. Previous to that, she was employed by the DIA Art Foundation as assistant to composer LaMonte Young. During her employment at Harvestworks, Parkinson has organized panelists and participated in the review of applications to the Harvestworks Artist-In-Residence Program since its beginning in 1983. She is a founding member of TELLUS, the experimental audio series and continues to support and distribute experimental and innovative work in the digital media arts. Her primary interest is in the field of electronic media and in supporting the development of a new aesthetic with the artistic use of new technological tools. As a composer she has performed at Roulette, the Kitchen and White Columns and has done soundtracks for video artists Louis Grenier and Julie Harrison. She has been published in EAR magazine, the Village Voice and High Performance Magazine. Grants and awards include a NYSCA media grant for a collaboration with video artist Julie Harrison.

Leslie Stuck, Mills College
Leslie Stuck is Technical Director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. He has composed electronic music for the New York City Ballet, the The Paris Opera Ballet, and the Tokyo Ballet. He has done sound design for Frank Zappa, Laurie Anderson, and Heiner Goebbels, as well as constructed real-time computer environments for Jeffrey Shaw, Agnes Hegedus, and Peirre Boulez.


Neil Zusman
Neil Zusman has been making cinema for over twenty years. Working in theater, poetry, film, video, and multimedia; he has also taught and curated exhibitions of experimental electronic art and media. He has been using the Experimental Television Center Residency Program since 1996 to work on video for performed projections and web design. PULSE.TIME, now in residence on the Turbulence site, is his first website. He is a graduate of the Cinema Department at SUNY Binghamton and has an M.A. in Media Studies from the University at Buffalo.

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