EMRTC Office Complex
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EMRTC Office Complex

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avelengths to the sample to help in the identification of molecu. You will find a link to this page on all pages of our website. The link is highlighted on any page that requires personal information. This policy explains our online personal information practices.

lar structure with organic fragments of molecules. Different fragments are found in specific areas along the energy continuum. FTIR-ATR can be used for solid, liquid, and gas samples. Most compounds containing carbon and hydrogen can be identif, contact ied as well as energetic materials and common household products. Particle Size Analyzer (PSA): The PSA measu

res the particles in a sample and displays the range of sizes present f

and does not use any personal information for marketing purposes, neither for our own marketing, nor for those of third-party sources.

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EMRTC Chemistry Laboratories contain other small equipment necessary for sample preparation, chemical synthesis of inorganic and organic materials, and small scale testing of samples (Torres Laboratories). Other equipment available: 100 kV JEOL and Phillips 430 300 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) JEOL 6100 with EDS and Cambridge scanning ele

ctron microscope (SEM) Flame Atomic Absorption spectroscopy X-ray Fluorescence X-ray Diffraction Inducti, please contact our webmaster at vely Coupled Plasma Mass

Spectrometer Research Greenhouse (a professional greenhouse