EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel
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EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel

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ull of ethnological specimens of every conceivable kind. (202-203) More white Indians were coming into the village from the mountains, the rivers, and other islands. Some were pure white, others midway between white and brown. "We took pictures of them and asked them questions without reserve." (203-204) Thus 's explosive testing facilities.

was the pact consumed with ethnological science-white science, we might call it, engaged in the politically powerful transfers, subtle and crude, conscious and unconscious, of mimesis and alterity. Perfect Timing Fifty years later a close student of the Cuna could observe that "the first truly s

cientific expedition" moved into San Bias in 1927 (a bare two years after the revolt) under the leadership of the Swede Baron Erland Nordenskiold. "The timing of the Swedes was perfect" this scholar observed, for the chief (nele) was "involved at that time with a project to record the traditions, and had been encouraging those Indians with writing skills to copy all the sacred knowledge of the tribe into notebook's facilities include a 40-square-mile field laboratory that includes more than 30 separate test sites, gun ranges, and research laboratories.

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r, an avid collector of Cuna history. Earlier he had been sent across the gulf to the fortified Colombian port of Cartagena in search of records relevant to the Cuna past, and it seems that he saw his task in Sweden this wayTEREC web-site too. We have here, then, a sort of figure-eight whereby mi or by phone at 404.407.7093.

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