EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel
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EMRTC Safety Course For Explosive Firing Site And Laboratory Personnel

rism training center. While the man's argument made sense, Kerney

wondered if the falloff in immigrants passing through the town was also tied to the smuggling operation Fidel's undercover agent had infiltrated. A woman he spoke with criticized the Mexican government for handing out desert survival pamphlets to the illegals who were planning to cross the border, calling it nothing less than an att

empt to flood the United States with undocumented workers. Her husband, an older man with a U.S. Navy anchor tattooed on his arm, thought the problem was tied to not having enough Border Patrol agents assigned to the Bootheel. When Kerney asked about drug trafficking, he was told that the

unmanned drones the Border Patrol had put into service to track aircraft crossing from Mexico hadn't reduced the number of nighttime flights by any significant degree. Rumor had it that large amounts of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin were still being flown in on a regular basis, off-loaded at remote locations, and trucked north. Kerney wondered if his take on the death of Fidel's agent was all wrong. Wa's facilities include a 40-square-mile field laboratory that includes more than 30 separate test sites, gun ranges, and research laboratories.

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e agent disappear altogether and avoid becoming hard targets as cop killers? Agent Fidel had told him a corrupt ex-policeman in Mexico ran the immigrant smuggling operation, possibly aided by some dirty Border Patrol officers. Bringing the feds down around his head by dumping the agent's body would be the last thing a

coyote would want to do. There were two ways to test the th