Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) Course
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Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings (IRTB) Course

Mexico. Vols. 1 and 2. Santa Fe: University of New Mexico Press,

1953. . "The Search for th
e Fabulous in t
he Settlementof th
e Southwest." In New Spain'
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s Far Northern Fro    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to View
ntier: Essays on

Spain in the American West

Scope of Course

85. Seed,

Patricia. "Taking

Possession and Reading Texts; Establishing the Authority of Overseas Empire." In Early Images of the Americas: Transfer and Invention,ed. Jerry

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he Nineteen

th Century, ed. St    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to View

even Kaplan, 18

9-228. New York; Mouton, 1984.

The four hour performance level IRTB course provides basic information on explosive and incendiary devices that could be used as terrorist weapons. Classroom topics include:

Historia 16, 1989. . History of New Mexico, 1610. Trans. Gilberto Espino

Copyrightsa. Los Angeles: Quivira Society, 1933. On Coloni