Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course
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Initial Law Enforcement Response to Suicide Bombing Attacks (ILERSBA) Course

closer together to live in larger communities. Surely, the soft volcanic ash from the

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ur-sided blocks. It had taken Indians years and years, possibly, to learn that this soft stone could be quarried and then shaped. These blocks were definitely better and single thickness coursed masonry walls were in vogue by this tyuony: time. This was the highest type of prehistoric pueblo architecture on the Pajarito Plateau. This was most likely the period in which the terraced com

munal apartment

houses were developed and erected. There were centers of population from this time on. There were no more small family houses. Indians built houses with several hundred rooms, at least two, and, in some cases, three stories high. What was the reason? Was it for defense purposes or was it just a normal outgrowth of the discovery of the fashioned block technique? There were several main villages

occupied b

Target Audience

y the Tewa-speaking people to the north. They were all built in defensible positions: on a knoll, a

high mesa

top overlook

ing the entire surrou - Participants must have completed basic law enforcement training and, where applicable, on-the-job training under the supervision of a departmental training officer.

nding country, or in a valley away from the cliffs from which heavy objects could be thrown down by enem

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aught in a deep pit. Tshirege was "House of

the Bird People." It was the largest pueblo on the Pajarito