EMRTC Shock Tube
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EMRTC Shock Tube

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Large diameter shock tube testing provides a source that that can produce blast pressures and durations that are of interest to the safety and security communities. Building components and vehicles are likely targets. A blast exposure that would require thousands of pounds of explosive in an open arena test can be done with about a hundred pounds of propane at the diction with the following: The instructional team. All instructional materials and handouts. Certificates of completion for all course participants. Funding for the instructional team (including travel and per di. Essential auxiliary technologies presented are blast geometry modeling by use of a subscale tube, a propane concentration sensor, and studies of stoichiometry.

em costs) and all instructional materials. There are no direct costs or course costs to the jurisdiction. NMT and TEEX do not, however, cover the costs of jurisdictional salaries or travel and per diem costs for course participants, should they be required. Contact Richard Campbell to arrange a class in your area or call 575-835-5054. States Points of Contact Top of Form Each State Point of Contact (SPOC) is responsible for coordinating WMD training. Your SPOCmust review and approve your application for the operational level course before being submitted to EMRTC. Choose your state from the pull-down menu to locate your SPOC. EMRTC E

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