Reusable Blast Test Fixture
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Reusable Blast Test Fixture

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money to be made in motion pictures." "Well, you've got your foot in the door," Kerney said. "But from what I've heard, making movies is a risky business." Johnny dropped his napkin on the table. "It's no more risky than anything else I've done. Hell, you can't get anywhere if you don't roll the dice." He pushed his chair away from the table. "Our first stop is at the ranch. It's quite a spread. Old Joe has sunk a fortune in to it. I can't wait for you to see it." "I was there yesterday," Kerney said, "and had lunch with your parents and Julia." Johnny's eyes widened in surprise. "Why didn't you tell me this before?" "I haven't had a chance," Kerney said as he scientists use the RBTF in terrorist explosive attack scenarios to evaluate responses of aircraft to energetic materials that may be carried onboard in the cargo and passenger sections of a commercial aircraft. The results of these tests are used to engineer safer aircraft for passenger travel.

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