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Reusable Blast Test Fixture

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antage of a GI Bill education. Pursuing the American dream, many looked back but never returned to their small-town roots. Though ever popular in the 1950s, movies began to share center stage in the popular imagination with television and automobiles. Movies and cars were married in 1933, as the first drive-in theatre was built in Camden, New Jersey. By 1960, more than 3,500 drive-in theatres dotted the American landscape. Drive-in movie theatres appeared at the fringes of every significant city in New Mexico, but they too have disappeared, leaving in their wake remembrances of summer passions, scratchy speakers and B-movie marathons. Today, only four drive-in theatres remain operating in New Mexico. Only a few of the grand New Mexico movie theatres have been able to resist the unfortunate trend towards multiplexes and modular theatres. Albuquerque's behemoth 24-screen Century Rio complex, opened in 1997, is more than ample proof that times have changed. Cente

nary celebrations offer the chance to reflect upon past glory