Curtain Wall Reaction Testing
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Curtain Wall Reaction Testing

Full-Scale Curtain Wall Reaction Structure

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anguage like the folks at Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, Santa Ana and Sia. These people have told some interesting tales, legends mostly, about how all their present villages came to be: about their wanderings, about their Gods and about their troubles with Indians who spoke different languages. Why was it that Espejos chroniclers did not leave us more information about the town of Los Confiados and its people? Was it not important? They told us about Zuni and its Seven Cities, about the Tiguex villages and Cochiti. Coronados little group, some forty years before, had visited the Province of Hemes, now Jemez, whose people spoke yet another language, the Towa. And history tells us that Espejo made a two-day visit to the town of Los Confiados in 1583. This ended his contact with the Indians at Cochiti and other Keres-speaking villages. Could it be that Espejos soldiers looked back up into those forbidden and forested hills against a high range of snow-covered mountains northwest of Cochiti and decided that they had seen enough of the Indian? Or were they told that they would have to leave their horses behind and go afoot if they wanted to visit the villages on streams running into the Rio Grande? The thought of wearing heavy, armor might not have been too fascinating. And if these people were from villages in the mounta

ins, what was their motive in attempting to lead the Spanish