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Computer Simulations

n a tall pine; other

Contact: trees bore spea
rs, trefoils, or acanthus leaves
Phone: surrounded

by crosses; here and there, in places with steep embankments, narrow passageways between rocks, lines of Egyptian anserated crosses grew into processions; and the doors of the Tarahumara houses displayed the sign of the Mayan world: two facing triangles with their points connected by a bar; and this bar is the Tree of Life which passes through the center of Reality. As I travel through the mountain, these spears, these crosses, these trefoils, these leafy hearts, these composite crosses, these triangles, these creatures facing each other and opposing each other to mark their eternal conflict, their division, their duality, awaken strange memories in me. I remember suddenly that there were, in History, Sects which inlaid these same signs upon rocks

, carved out of jade, beaten into iron, or chiseled. And I begin to think that this symbolism conceals a Science. And I find it strange that the primitive people of the Tarahumara tribe, whose rites and culture are older than the Flood, actually po

ssessed this science well before the appearance of the Legend