DOT/UN Testing and Classification
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DOT/UN Testing and Classification

Press, 1992. Quint, David. Epic and Empire: Poetics and Generic Form from Virgil

to Milton. Princeton: Princ
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Cell:ity Press, 1

993. Rama, Angel. The Lettered City. Ed. and trans. John Charles , is authorized to perform explosive and other hazardous materials testing or examination. From the results of the examination, Chasteen. Durham: Duke University Press, 1996. Sanchez-Albornoz, Claudio. "The Continuing Tradition of Reconquest." In From Reconquest to Empire:The examines packaged and unpackaged articles, propellants and substances.

Iberian Background to Latin AUN/DOT observermerican History, ed. H. B. Johnson, 41-54. New York: BCnopf, 1970. Schechner, Richard. Between Theater and Anthropology. Phil guidelines and the adelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1985. Seed, Patricia. "Taking Possession and Reading Texts; Establishing the Authority of Ove

rseas Empire." In Early Images of thEMRTCe Americas: Transfer