Ballistics Testing
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Ballistics Testing

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e of isolation in White Sands and Young Guns II (where else would Brushy Bill, played by Emilio Estevez, choose to confess to a writer that he is the aging Billy the Kid?). The remarkable beauty of the area draws more than 600,000 visitors a year, yet the park's uniqueness is not confined to its attractiveness. It is unique in light of the many film projects that the National Park Service staff has accommodated, while vigilantly preserving and protecting the monument, their p

The ranges are computer-equipped for data compilation/correlation. Four fixed temperature conditioning units are available for conditioning cartridges from -46 degrees centigrade to +63 degrees centigrade.

One of rimary responsibility. "We're not a backlot studio in Hollywood," says Chief Ranger Nancy Wizner. "Sometimes it's challenging because the filmmakers' creativity and our need for preservation can clash." She is referring to a key restriction facing all park visitors--no motorized vehicles or equipment are allowed on the dunes. Yet production companies have met this policy with ease by positioning their many vehicles on the roa

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