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Chemistry Laboratories

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Department Head - Dr. Christa Hockensmith
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f dread that this gorgeous open territory may soon be swept up by the forces currently diminishing open space in the American West. Bill and Marian Cook find this a cause for concern. "The West as we know it is rapidly changing," said Cook, a fourth-generation West

erner who has spent his life working with livestock. He is convinced that preservation of open range land is essential, and the way to do so is to explore other means of land use without resorting to subdividing property (when tax situations become unwieldy, or range agriculture is no longer cost-effective). The Cooks have discovered an ideal partnership between the film industry and cattle growing. "It started to dawn on me, when I saw how eager these movie people were, that I could re-create range land for an alternate use that ha

d some economic value," Cook said. He's quick to point out that he and M

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The randma at our door. A real grandma, cute as a bug's ear and real excited," Pope said. "They'd been looking all over for her for two hours and were waiting the scene for her." Daily ranch life brings its share of challenges and so does location filming. There's a spirited team at the Cook Ranch who've learned how to make a success out of both. The Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad A 1915 circus train maneuvers through verdant high country, car

rying the usual cargo of tents and exotic animals, and to the delight of Indiana Jones fans, the teen-aged Indy played by River Phoenix. In a few short minutes of rapid, punching shots -- delivered in the style of George Lucas and Steven Spi

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