West Valley Facility
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West Valley Facility

West Valley Pad

electronic and mechanical balances for the precise measuring of small and large quantities of materials or items, air-operated special tools, and video equipment for viewing and recording operations from a remote location. Reusable Blast Test Fixture The Reusable Blast Test Fixture (RBTF), co-sponsored by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is a full-scale model of the cargo section of a wide-b

ody, commercial passenger aircraft with significant internal structures (floors, frames, and luggage racks). The RBTF is a test fixture that yields accelerated and reproducible experimental results used to capture critical blast propagation, secondary fragmentation, debris phenomena, and characterization of blasts. Special features of the RBTF include pressure control to simulate typical cabin pressure incurred during flight and the ability to withstand these added effects and the effects of repeated blast testing. EMRTC/FAA scientists use the RBTF in terrorist explo

sive attack scenarioNew Mexico Techs to evaluate responses of