Rocket Test Site Facility
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Rocket Test Site Facility

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red you within its li
mits, but you feel much happie
r to belong to the
limitless than

to yours

elf, for you understand that what was yourself has come from the head of this limitless, the Infinite, and that you are going to see it. You feel as if you were in an effervescent wave which gives off^ an incessant crackling in all directions. Things which seem to have emerged from what was your spleen, your liver, your heart, or your lungs keep breaking away and bursting in this atmosphere which wavers between gas and water, but which seems to summon forth material things and command them to combine. The things that emerged from my spleen or my liver were shaped like the letters of a very ancie

nt and mysterious alphabet chewed by an enormous mouth, but terrifyingly obs

cure, proud, illegible, jealous of iEMRTCts invisibility; and