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ance to the former Heim [home] of all h

uman beings, to the place where each one of us lived once upon a time and in the beginning. There is a joking saying that 'Love is home-sickness'; and whenever a man dreams of a place or a country and says to himself, while he is still dreaming: "this place is familiar to me, I've been here be is also conducted at the HPM site.

fore," we may interpret the place as being his mother's genitals or her body." The Unstable Womb I want to emphasize that while access and recourse to alterity-the Other world of spiritual reality-is both necessary and magically empowering, and that while that alter-world i

s deemed to be mimetic with the world of substance and modeled on it, there is also, as the reference to suddenly altering landscapes and jumping from signifiers to signifieds in

dicates, a curiously unstable aspect intrinsic to this mimeti