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ss, 1987 Dr. Christa Hockensmith
. Tod orov, Tzvetan. The Conquest of Amer
ica: The Question

of the Other. Trans. Richard Howard. New York; Harper and Row, 1984. Trexler, Richard C. "We Think, They Act; Clerical Readingsof Missionary Theatre in 16th Century New Spain." In Understanding Popular Culture: Europe from the Middle Ages to the Nineteenth Century,

ed. Steven Kaplan, 189-228. New York; Mouton, 1984. Villagra, Caspar de. Historia de la Nueva Mexico. Mexico City: Imprenta del Museo Nacional, 1900. . Historia de Nuevo Mexico. Ed. Mercedes Junquera. Madrid; Historia 16, 1989. . History of New Mexico, 1610. Trans. Gilberto Espinosa. Los Angeles: Quivira Society, 1933. On Colonial Forgetting: The Conquest of New Mexico and Its Historia Jill Lane The prestige that could only derive from the written word thus began its portentous career across the American continent. ÑAngel Ram

a, The Lettered City The conquest of New Mexico has been so perfectly f

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a? In sp Chemistry Laboratories work closely with the other divisions of ite or because of the twin efforts of the sword and the pen, the conqueror and the historian of New Mexico are little remarked in North or Central American cultural memory. To the contrary, rather than doubly seal and commemorate their future glory, the alliance between these acts of war and these acts of writing instead reveal and figure their own forgetting. A Trope The swo

rd and the pen: a grand trope of medieval Europe, a particular trope of the Spanish Golden Age (think of Cervantes), from which emerges a remarkable nexus of interrelated acts of war and writing that make up the world of Spanish conquest. We

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