ck run past Mendoza's ho
use to see if the

panel van was there, before moving
on to the Granite Pass Ranch and then

to Virden. At the house a man
he took to be Mendoza was washing

the Motor Transportation squad car in
the driveway. As Kerney drove by, a y

ounger-looking man

exited the hou

se and climbed into the driver's seat of th

e panel van parked at the curb

. Kerney waved at th

e men and ke

pt going, wondering who the

young man was and whether or n
1001 South Road
ot he should just drop t

he whole thing and leave it all up to Agent

Please fill out the following form to contact New Mexico Tech/s Fidel and Bratton to figure out. The cop in him said no. On the highway to the ranch Kerney thought about the Jordan family. Joe and Bessie came from frontier stock. Bessie's ancestors had arrived soon after the Civil War to take tip ranching along the Rio Grande near the military outpost of Fort McRae, no

w submerged under the waters of Elephant Butte Lake, a man-made reservoir built in the early twentieth century. Joe's grandfather had migrated w

est t


o El Pa

so in th

e 1880s and mad
e his money

in banking before buying a huge tract of land on the


Jomada, east of the Caballo Mountains. Joe had inherited not only t
he ranch but a majority ownership of the bank his grandfather had

established in Tr
Fax:uth or Conse

quences. Why had Joe sold both interests,

taken a job as presid
ent of a saving
s and loan in De

ming, and bought a ranch in the Bootheel? Until now Kerney