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in 1924, a year before, when the women painted his body. In the thick of struggle where men blend in common cause, mimesis and alterity are brought to a fine intertwinement. The alternating current flows smooth and fast, along with the paddles of the fastmoving war canoes. We can just about see him in t

here, dark as it is for this n

ight-time attack, concealed among the Indians he is leading. There seems, in our imaginations at least, to be a flurry of feathers and the glistening of war paint-then suddenly we haul back before a photograph of Cuna Indians from that time, for instance aboard the USS Cleveland. What is this "Indian

dress" he is dressed in? While t

he Indian women, placed nicely in the center with their elaborate molas and nose-rings, carry the burden of tradition, like the U.S. sailors, the Indian men are dressed altogether differently. They are wearing Western-style long pa

nts, white shirts, ties, a

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nd felt hats

-the standard attire then and now for a well-dressed Cuna man. When Marsh first reached the San Bias coast and met Chief Ina Pagina, the latter was wearing a white shirt and trousers. Others state that Cuna men were wearing pants and shirts from


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times."" The French na

We Laminate.val official Armando Reclus, who visited some Cunas along the Paya River in the late 1870s, said that almost all the men wore trousers and a cotto

n shirt of U.S. make, and elaborated at some length that the visitor who expected in the midst of these wilds to encounter In

dians in feathers, as they were at the time of the European Conquest of the Americas, would here suffer terrible disenchantment. Was this get-up in European trousers and shirt (perhaps with tie) Mr. Marsh's disguise, crouching in his war canoe mimicking an Indian mimicking a white man? Or was he perhaps dressed in drag, not mimicking the men but the women-the overwhelmingly dominant referent of "Indian dre

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ad? We shall never know. All we know is that finally, for two glorious moments, mimesis and alterity melted into each other in the attack "led" by Mr. Marsh on the "negroes" of the Panamanian government. For now he was a white Indian himself! In these mimetic worlds things connect with their invisible counterparts by virtue of the womb. Rendering copying synonymous with reproduction, this organ ensures that mimesis fuses as

a male secret with origins and, as we shall later se and see how we can help you.

e, with history as well. Mr. Charles S

later, a Cuna who had served as a sailor on English-speaking