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A Nightmare

Last night I tried recording my heart-rate while sleeping. And I had a nightmare.
It was eerie. It probably has something to do with the juice fast. The first night of the fast my dreams were very vivid. But last night I (thankfully) woke up from a nightmare. It was also very cool in the room, so maybe that makes for bad dreams.

The Dream:
I was working as a video editor (which I indeed did when I lived in Atlanta, before moving to New York). My boss (who didn't resemble anyone I can recall from my life) had befriended a very strange "artist family." They basically made their own "Bodies" exhibits. They dried humans and then took photos of them and then made posters and postcards. It seems strange but harmless at first. I was suppose to do a documentary on them. They came to our offices to show us their work. I met them and got really grossed out, b/c I do have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and flesh and stuff like that. [ I never ever watch horror movies ] Throughout our talk it came out that the subjects in their art work where their friends, who had willingly agreed to be killed, dried, skinned, and photographed. They were a calm family [father, mother, and daughter] and said they were just misunderstood, and that the documentary would set things straight. I lost my cool at that point and told them I'm not working on the project, and then told my boss I'm not working on this.

Then the music started. The scariest music I ever heard. I was basically transported into a horror movie in my dream. I kept thinking, who the hell composed this music, it's sick, it makes everything seem so scary. My mind was of-course the composer. The music didn't stop, it got more insanely wicked. In the dream, my boss tried to back out of the project with the family. But they had already become friends and the family was feeling personally offended, and misunderstood. The father could only talk about the subjects in the artwork, when we tried to tell him we can't do this project. They were also blocking the doorway, so we had no way physically out of the building. It was a bad scene with even worse music.

I finally woke up sweaty. I took off my heart-rate monitor off and turned it off.
The data is below. It didn't really turn out, unfortunately. This technology is still imperfect... : (. But that comes with the territory I guess of working with new technology--you lose data left and right. Will have to try again.


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    A Nightmare
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