My name is Yi Zhe. I had to replace the bridegroom on his wedding night.
she had to go to the bedroom on her own
It was in the same hotel
as the wedding diner
a room upstairs was rented as a bridal suite
and that's where the first night was going to happen.
the first night games are very entertaining for the guests
the newly wed are challenged on many aspects of their future life
especially their sexual life
the couple is followed by the guests in their bedroom
and they are given little games to play
can you undress your partner without using your hands?
actually it was not their real first night
the couple had been living together for a couple of years already
but the first night tradition is very important in China.
especially for the guests
the guests want to attend the first night games
during the dinner he had to toast with every guest
he got sooo drunk...
he passed out
they had to carry him out of the dinner hall like a baby
but he had fulfilled his duty towards the chinese traditions
he had drunk one glass with every single guest!