I am Wang Shy, Master_of_nets. I was named after a garden. My spirit is alive but my body has since long ceased to exist.
I will lock you up in my garden
to show you how big the world is
now you are in the center
you may sink ...
you will never leave this place
As a ghost I lead a peaceful life in this garden
I wear good clothes
and protect myself from the sun and the heat
no one sees me
but I appear by chance on the photos
you don't see me
but you remember me
I leave a small trace
in the light of the day
and I impress the film
Master_of_nets, Wang Shy, my name was given to a garden in Suzhou
the most beautiful garden in the world.
a very small garden
of infinite proportions
with a big pond in the middle
time is on your side
the exit of this garden
must be somewhere ...
it's not easy to find ...
but we have all the time
all the time in the world
let's linger on ...
stay with me
forget about the rest of the world