I am Shaxpir. I am a big hip-hop star in China.
Well... not yet, but very soon, I hope.
Do you like my hip-hop name Shaxpir?
Isn't that a cool name for a hip-hop star?
Yes I know, Shaxpir was a famous author
but he didn't write his name like this
my friends call me Shashebiya now
you know why?
because Shashebiya means Shakespeare in chinese
yes, that's how we pronounce Shakespeare in chinese
but I am Shaxpir,
not Shakespeare
this is my very first
music piece
I composed it on the computer
Please listen to it
during my whole life my parents spared money
they want me to study in Europe
I chose to go to France
so now I'm getting french classes
do they sing hip-hop in french?
it's hard to imagine!
but if I can sing
hip-hop in chinese
then why not in
any other language